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Why you need to hire your photographer and videographer together

In all my years of experience and from other friends in the profession, I have heard and seem a lot of stories, from with very old-fashioned photographers or videographers, not open to creative stuff and not letting you do your work, very bossy onrd who think their way and work is the most important about all, to some getting right in the middle of crucial moments ruining the other supplier work.

My number one piece of advice about all would be If deciding on a wedding photographer, it is wise to look for one that also offers videography in their packages and hiring everything from one single supplier.

Putting together a wedding day timeline is not just crucial for spending the day smoothly, it's also essential for the suppliers. Streamlining your day through communication and cooperation will ultimately save you time, money and future anxiety about whether your wedding photos and video live up to your expectations. Hiring both at the same time will ensure that these two key vendors know each other; they'll be sure to work together versus against each other (and you) while they are documenting your special day.

Plus like I mentioned You will save money as suppliers normally offer discounts for having both services hired, plus the time talking with a single supplier instead two completely different suppliers.

If you wish to have a lovely and relaxed wedding day, you can contact me and I will be happy to assist you with both services for you and guarantee a smooth and fun day for everyone working with one of my associates.

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